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Over 40 years of experience

Industrial Construction Carrum Downs

We specialise in servicing all businesses, large & small, with a strong focus on the commercial sector.
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G&D Wills Design and Construction are fully insured and members of the Master Builders Association. Our years of industry experience have given us the unique ability to understand each client’s specific commercial building project requirements.

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    Established 1984
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    Family owned & operated
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Our Projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Commercial Property Maintenance
  • Commercial Flooring


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  • Cabinets

Food Processing

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  • Partitions


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Commercial Property Maintenance

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Commercial Flooring

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We are Fully Insured & are Members of the Master Builders Association
40 years of experience in commercial construction Melbourne wide, you can trust G & D Wills for your next commercial building project
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We adopt total hands-on approach, from concept to completion and pride ourselves on open communication throughout the entire project.

What Our Clients Say
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    Graham, Tristan and team did an excellent job on our office renovation. We were thrilled with the end result. They were flexible, reasonably priced and did a fantastic job. Very happy to recommend G & D Wills. A family business who puts the customers needs first every time.

    Liz S
  • ratings

    Very professional and helpful. They provided a great service that was efficient and we are extremely happy with it. Will definitely be using there services in the future.

    Ron K
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Welcome to G & D Wills Design & Construction where we specialise in the delivery of commercial and industrial building works such as new construction, building extensions, renovations, refurbishments, and fit-outs. Right from planning your industrial construction to final handover, our team of industrial builders work closely with you, devising strategies that align with your field of operation. We believe in smart design and planning, ensuring that we deliver an infrastructure that ticks all the boxes, from being aesthetically pleasing to being efficient for your operations.

Expert Industrial Builders in Carrum Downs

Experience matters in the industrial construction sector. Our proficient team of industrial builders in Carrum Downs understands the complexities of constructing large-scale commercial buildings. Managing diverse projects, we consistently deliver quality products on time and within budget. We emphasise open communication, keeping clients informed during each stage of their industrial construction projects.

With G & D Wills, clients gain access to a team of qualified and experienced industrial builders based in Carrum Downs. Our knowledge of the local area promises a swift and efficient construction process. We have a proven track record of delivering a finished product that exceeds our client’s expectations. Call our team on (03) 8419 8274 to discuss your upcoming construction or redevelopment projects.

Industrial Construction Builders

Considered as the industrial construction leaders in Clayton, Carrum Downs, and Carrum Downs, we guarantee clients an outstanding building experience. We provide comprehensive industrial construction services, from drafting unique designs to managing construction. Our professionals collaborate with you to ensure the final product aligns with your vision and meets your business needs.

Our industrial construction services extend beyond Carrum Downs, covering nearby locations including Clayton and Braeside. Regardless of the location, we guarantee top-tier construction solutions. Whether you are based in Braeside, Clayton, or Carrum Downs, our team is ready to offer efficient and reliable construction services.

Industrial Fitouts Carrum Downs

At G & D Wills, we’re an end-to-end industrial fitout service for businesses across Carrum Downs. Our Carrum Downs industrial builders have worked across a broad range of industries, possessing an extensive understanding of the unique challenges each sector presents. With an in-depth knowledge of regulations and codes, we ensure that safety standards are adhered to during construction of all industrial fitouts, no matter the size.

At G & D Wills Design and Construction, we ensure that every industrial fitout, whether in Carrum Downs, Clayton, or Braeside, is executed to the highest quality standards. For an obligation-free quote or to learn more about our construction services, contact us today at (03) 8419 8274.

Why Choose G & D Wills Design & Construction For Industrial Construction Carrum Downs?

G & D Wills Design & Construction boasts an unmatched reputation for providing top-notch industrial construction services in Carrum Downs. Here are some reasons why we are the preferred choice for many businesses:

Expert team: We are fully insured and members of the Master Builders Association.

Years of Experience: Our years in the industry give us the ability to understand every client’s unique construction needs.

Ample Resources: We have a wide range of resources at our disposal to implement all stages of construction.

Communication & Transparency: By keeping you in the loop throughout, we ensure misunderstandings are avoided.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring high-quality workmanship and accurate project management, we provide durable constructions that stand the test of time.

The Industrial Construction and Fitouts Process In Carrum Downs

1. Detailed Consultation: Let’s kick things off with a friendly chat to dive into the details of your industrial construction project in Carrum Downs. We want to understand your business needs inside out and get a grasp of what you’re envisioning for your new industrial space.

2. Design Approval and Commencement: Once we’re on the same page, we’ll whip up a design draft for you to check out. After getting the green light, we roll up our sleeves and start building. We’re all about energy-efficient solutions and top-notch construction standards to make sure your dream industrial building becomes a reality.

3. Safety Checks and Ongoing Support: Post-construction, we do a thorough check to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely. If, by some rare chance, there are hiccups in your new space, our team jumps into action to fix any issues pronto. Our commitment doesn’t end with construction; we’re here for the long haul to make sure you’re always satisfied with your industrial project.

Contact G & D Wills For Your Industrial Construction Needs in Carrum Downs

Looking to undertake industrial construction in Carrum Downs? Our team at G & D Wills Design & Construction is available to offer exceptional quality and service on your project. If you have any queries about our services or want to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 8419 8274. We look forward to assisting you with your project and exceeding your expectations with our industry-leading services.

Frequently Asked Questions for Industrial Construction Carrum Downs

What kind of industrial construction projects do you undertake in Carrum Downs?

At G & D Wills Design & Construction, we undertake all types of industrial construction projects in Carrum Downs, from creating new facilities to refurbishing existing structures. Our team of industrial builders specialise in a range of industries including food, hospitality, and manufacturing.

How does G & D Wills approach industrial construction projects in Carrum Downs?

G & D Wills believes in a collaborative approach. Our team of industrial builders work closely with our clients from planning to the final handover, ensuring we deliver a construction solution that caters to their specific commercial needs.

Why should we choose G & D Wills Design & Construction for our industrial construction project in Carrum Downs?

With vast experience and a highly skilled workforce, G & D Wills offers tried and tested industrial construction solutions. We are proud members of The Master Builders Association, offering custom solutions with a focus on open communication, quality, efficiency, and attention to detail.

Can the industrial builders at G & D Wills handle complex construction projects in Carrum Downs and nearby areas?

Absolutely, our team of industrial builders is more than capable of handling the most complex industrial construction projects in Carrum Downs and neighbouring areas such as Frankston, Moorabbin, Mornington, and more.

How can I start my industrial construction project with G & D Wills in Carrum Downs?

To kickstart your industrial construction in Carrum Downs with G & D Wills, you can give us a call at (03) 8419 8274 for more information or to secure a no-obligation quote for your project. We look forward to working with you.

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